Mysterious Islands

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The South Pacific… a place you dreamed of as a child and enchanted you sufficiently in your early years to scrimp and save enough coin to book passage on the 3-masted schooner “Lasting Cloud”. After a pleasant voyage lasting a couple of months, the weather grew foul and the ship floundered at sea with all hands lost save yourself.

Hanging on dearly to your sea-chest containing the few remaining possessions you have left, you pray that the Gods will treat you kindly preferably in this world, if not the next. Gently, with the rocking of the now calming waves you drift into a broken slumber haunted by dreams of strange sea creatures, and magical paradises.

After a day or so afloat, with your mouth becoming parched from the constant sun and salt water, you hear the distant roar of waves upon a beach; could it be that you have found salvation or is this simply another cruel trick by the Gods?

Welcome traveler; to “Mysterious Islands” a game of guile and cunning set in the heart of the South Pacific. Do you have what it takes to rule your newly discovered lands or will you become just another chew–toy for the local warring tribes?